Al Falah Centre

Al Falah Islamic Education Centre

Al Falah Islamic Education Centre is a registered Charity Organisation. Our Charity Number : 1132039



Our Mission

To provide a spiritual home that cultivates knowledge, compassion, and unity for the local Islamic community

Strategic Aim

To build a cornerstone for the well-being and development of the local Islamic community, serving as a beacon of faith, eduction, and community engagement.

Centre Activities
We organise various events and activity on weekly and monthly basis. We work very closely with our community how to improve social and cultural recreation and get the opinion from different groups of people. Click on our Services page to view our current activities available at the centre.


Total Prayer Capacity130
Female AccessYes
Wudu FacilitiesYes
Marriage ServicesYes
Funeral ServicesYes
Counselling ServicesYes
Disabled AccessYes

Bike Rack
The centre has facility to keep eight bicycles. We encourage people to come by walk or bicycles.

Car Park
The Alfalah Centre does not have its own parking space and the centre is within a restricted parking area. All drivers must observe the parking rules and we will also have volunteers to ensure that parking rules are observed. Instead of driving to the centre, we encourage everyone to use public transport facilities. Alternatively, you can use the Fairfield Road Car Park which is located a few minutes away from the centre

Disable Facilities
The centre has Disabled access.

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